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Revenue Intelligence: The New Way

Revenue Intelligence is all the rage and for good reason. It's a team approach to growing revenue with a focus on three key pillars: People Success, Deal Success, and Strategy Success. If you attend this summit, you'll have the opportunity to learn from speakers who are masters of all three.

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New York

New York

February 12

Celebrate in New York


February 14

Celebrate in Boston


February 18

Celebrate in Chicago


February 20

Celebrate in Toronto

Topics include

Gong Product Sneak Peek

Get a glimpse into our product roadmap and killer use cases.

Sales Leadership Panels

Take home practical tips and tricks from sales, enablement and ops leaders.


Meet with other sales leaders in your community.

Interactive Masterclass

Hands-on workshop structured like a Harvard Business School "case study."

Customer Stories

Learn how customers use Gong to solve critical business problems.

Thanks to our Partners

Sales Assembly
Revenue Collective

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